I changed this blog's title and the cover art in order to consolidate my social media pseudonyms. It's best to stay consistent. I took the talking sandwich from this orange juice ad, I just think he’s so relatable.
Extrapolating Complex Information Delivery Systems from Historical Practices
Marxists-- please don't forget you are using specialized language!
Reification through polar opposites
I spoke to Raquel Benedict about the wave of censorship attacking public libraries. It was a great conversation, you can listen to it here…
Try here for the website. It's hard copy only but I'm still thrilled to be published in a magazine read by Ellen Datlow and Steve Horton
Hyper (Greek for above or beyond) is a misunderstood prefix. It's used synonymously with "super" or "mega"; another mouthful from our overflowing cup of…
Technically a spooky clown book, a premise so stale that it kept me from this title for years. What a pity! The Grin of the Dark isn't about scary…
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